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We are having a Sample Sale! Below are gorgeous gowns that the designer has discontinued. Since they can no longer be ordered, we are offering them at a huge discount! If you would like to make an appointment to try one on please contact us at (303) 428-8888

IMG_1550 (853x1280)IMG_1549 (853x1280)Pattis- Colette $760

IMG_1552 (853x1280)IMG_1554 (853x1280) Kenneth Winston #1420  $779 IMG_1559 (853x1280) IMG_1560 (853x1280) Pattis- Garcelle  $1,000 IMG_1563 (853x1280) Alma Novia- Siroco   $985IMG_1568 (853x1280) Pattis- Josette   $980 IMG_1579 (853x1280) IMG_1580 (853x1280) Pattis- Harleen  $850 IMG_1584 (853x1280) IMG_1587 (853x1280) Pattis- Gabriella  $1,020   Belt $260

IMG_1594 (853x1280) IMG_1596 (853x1280) Pattis- Emilie   $960  IMG_1603 (853x1280)  Ella Rosa- #GA2206   $379 IMG_1608 (853x1280) IMG_1612 (853x1280) Ella Rosa #BE134   $639IMG_1616 (853x1280) IMG_1619 (853x1280) Alma Novia- Sultan   $1,005 IMG_1624 (822x1280) IMG_1627 (853x1280) IMG_1629 (835x1280) Eddy K   #EK883    $995IMG_1607 (853x1280) IMG_1604 (853x1280) Ella Rosa #Ga2205     $379

IMG_1632 (853x1280)Cosmobella #7550     $775

IMG_1581 (853x1280)Pattis- Havana   $880

IMG_1614 (853x1280)Pattis – Julia   $785

IMG_1557 (853x1280)Kenneth Winston  #1415   $629

IMG_1620 (853x1280)Pattis Giavanni    $1,120

IMG_1575 (853x1280)Pattis- Julianne  $1,090

IMG_1562 (853x1280)Alma Novia- Selema   $755      Belt $75IMG_1590 (853x1280)Ella Rosa # BE125  $549IMG_1600 (853x1280)Eddy K  #77904   $795

IMG_1564 (853x1280) IMG_1566 (853x1280)Kenneth Winston #1408  $739

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